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B.S. Gibbs is a mother of two children, one a teen and one a pre-teen. By day, she works as an attorney. At night, after the homework is done and the kids are in bed, she writes middle-grade fantasy designed to appeal not just to the kids but to adults as well. B.S. Gibbs also writes under the pen name Brenda S. Gibbs, under which she has published The Evin Twin's Diary (a Wallstreet meets Pay It Forward story).

Personal note from the author:

For the past four years, I have experienced tremendous joy in writing and releasing multiple books. That all began when I had a dream about a character named Emaleen who was in hiding from an evil person seeking her for her powers.

When I started writing the book, while the inspiration and drive to finish was strong, I had doubt that I would finish. To my surprise, I not only finished but I have continued on to write more books. Now, all I want to do is write even more books. That said, while I have expanded out to other stories and characters, Emaleen (the protagonist of The Peerless Seer) will always be my favorite.

Although I am not done with Emaleen's story, it was just the beginning of what I can only say is a continuing quest to learn as much as I possibly can so that each book that I write is better than the last. Along the way, new characters for new books seem to appear before me and beg me to tell their stories (no, not really - I'm not crazy). Some, of them have even jumped right ahead of Emaleen's place in line (there are two books in the series remaining for me to write).

Now, I would love to hear from readers, as there is no author-joy greater than having an impact on people. Please feel free to reach out to me at the following contacts (copy and paste into your browser): (website for the Emaleen Andarsan Series) (twitter for the Emaleen Andarsan Series) (author twitter)

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